Saturday, August 29, 2009


tak berniat nak buat review filem untuk dapat tiket free
(masih berkabung akibat tak dapat tiket final destination...WTF)

here the review of SHORT....

11th year old Told Thompson is the designated punching bag for the bullies of the suburban community of Black Falls,where his and everyone else's parents work for Black Box Industries,makers the do-it-all gadget that's sweeping the nation
But during a freak storm,a mysterious Rainbow Rock,which grants wishes to anyone that find it...After kids having that WISHING RAINBOW know what kind of thing they will wish..They turn the neighbourhood upside down..

*here!!!the hero...holding that RAINBOW ROCK!!*


*english version: here! you wanna make a wish rite???don say i "kedekut" after this!*
*malay version: nah! nak sangat buat2 wish...nanti kata aku kedekut plak!*

* i like this kids...pick up his call by shaking his head just once*
OMG!!!what kind of wish....
*i want iPhone on my hand...holding in my hand..not in my hand*

anything just go to their website

not only review about those film but also games and others thing
one of the game...

* 8 games in this page*

*okey for love kid's game*

if i were they....

i wish i can have a lots of money..
i wish i can have adam as my boyfren..
i wish i can have shahid kapoor as my hubby..
i wish for someone that can pay my rm1000 celcom bil per month
i wish that can have someone buy me crocs and vincci everyday..
i wish UKM is next to my house(sometimes)..
a lot of thing to wish..

p/s: saja jer buat review cter ni..bosan...n tak tahu nak update apa dah...kat oversea kuar 21 august kat US
tapi cerita ni memang macam best la...pengarah sama dengan spy kids..
can't wait to watch

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imHepPie said...

kamoo mau blanja aku nengok ini crita???ngeh3...

widda_me said... x mnjajnjikan nya pada bila2..heheheh

imHepPie said...

haha...haihhh jgn ar kedekut2 sgt tyme nk raya neh..kira cincai dwet raya ar cmtuh...kamoo kan lagik tua dri sy kan??kan??

widda_me said...

sy lagi tua dr kamu????ye ker????sy bru nak msuk 20 november ni...kamu???